General Correspondence for TDX Manley Generating, LLC, Sand Point Generating, LLC and TDX Adak Generating, LLC

U-21-088(5)/U-21-089(5)/U-22-006(4)/U-22-007(4)/U-22-008(4)/U-22-009(4)/TA181-72/TA277-230/TA70-684 TDX Manley Generating, LLC (TMG), Sand Point Generating, LLC (SPG) and TDX Adak Generating, LLC (TAG) Validated Copies of Tariff Sheets.

Type General Correspondence
Date Filed 5/24/2022
Tracking Number TR2202218
Filed By John Lyons
Entities TMG, TAG, SPG
Certificate(s) 72 230 684
Means Received Regular Mail
Related Matters
U-21-088 Depreciation Study-Sand Point Generating, LLC
U-22-006 Tariff Suspension (Rates)-TDX Manley Generating (TA180-72)
U-22-007 Tariff Suspension (Rates)-TDX North Slope Generating (TA205-227)
U-22-008 Tariff Suspension (Rates)-Sand Point Generating, LLC (TA276-230)
U-22-009 Tariff Suspension(Rates)-TAG Adak Generating (TA69-684)
TA181-72 TDX Manley Generating - COPA/PCE/SFPPR
TA277-230 Sand Point Generating - COPA/PCE/SFPPR
TA70-684 TDX Adak Generating - COPA/PCE/SFPPR
U-21-089 Depreciation Study-TDX North Slope Generating, LLC
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U-21-088(5) et al. Letter.pdf U-21-088(5) et al. Letter.pdf 705719 kb .pdf

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