Public Comment for U-21-066 by Jeremiah Niemuth

My concern is that GZUC being exempted from the Regulatory Commission will result in higher electric prices and substandard service without the option for recourse for the customers. Can GZUC provide reasoning for this requested exemption beyond simply lacking the ability to understand the RCA's "complicated filing requirements"? Furthermore, what benefit to the customers would GZUC's "relief from this regulatory burden" have? Is GZUC going to be saving money by not having this requirement? If so, are they going to be passing those savings on to the customer or just increasing the profit for shareholders at the customer's expense? What could be the potential negative impact for the customers? Are there examples of this exemption being a positive step in other communities as far as the customers are concerned?

Type Comments
Date Filed 9/10/2021
Tracking Number TR2105249
Filed By Jeremiah Niemuth
Means Received Internet
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U-21-066 Petition-Gwitchyaa Zhee Utility

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