Public Comment for U-19-020 by Meera Kohler

I am a resident of Alaska since 1976 and of Anchorage since 1997. I have been an electric utility manager since 1990, including general manager of ML&P from 1997 to 2000. I am currently the CEO of Alaska Village Electric Cooperative. Both AVEC and I are members of Chugach Electric. I strongly support the merger of ML&P and Chugach and believe that it will deliver strategic and economic benefits to all the ratepayers and taxpayers of Anchorage. The redundant and duplicative administrative and support systems that exist to serve each utility are costing tens of millions of dollars every year. Each utility makes major investment decisions in generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure with no consideration of the impacts to the interconnected systems that serve the same community. Chugach is a very competent utility with a respected track record and will serve Anchorage well. I urge the Commission to approve this application in the shortest practical time so that we can start to reap the benefits of a single utility for Anchorage.

Type Comments
Date Filed 5/3/2019
Tracking Number TR1902610
Filed By Meera Kohler
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U-19-020 Petition to Acquire ML&P's Most Assets and Application to Amend Certificate No. 8 (Chugach)

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