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Note:  If you have a dispute about your telecommunications services, our ability to investigate your complaint may be limited due to Senate Bill 83, which repealed a number of Alaska telecom laws and became effective November 27, 2019.  Additionally, due to federal preemption, the RCA does not regulate cable, internet, or wireless services.  Use the RCA Telecom Complaint Form to submit your complaint.


What the RCA Regulates
The RCA's Consumer Protection & Information Section may investigate telecommunications issues including but not limited to:
  • Billing Accuracy (See 3 AAC 52.230 Subscriber Billing Rules)
  • Bundled Services
  • Cramming (Charges for unauthorized services)
  • Custom Calling Features
  • Disconnection of Service
  • Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (See 3 AAC 53.450 Consumer Protection and Service Quality Rules)
  • Extended Area Service (Ability to call from one exchange to another exchange without incurring a toll charge)
  • Inmate Telephone Services (Telecommunication services provided in Alaska correctional facilities)
  • Interconnection Agreement Issues
  • Intrastate Long Distance Services
  • Late Fees and Finance Charges
Lifeline & Link Up Program (Repealed.  See R-18-001 )

What the RCA Does Not Regulate

Date Issued: 3/3/2021