Comment Period Open Regarding a Tariff Filed by TDX for Rate Increases.

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has issued public notices that TDX North Slope Generating, Inc. (TNSG); TDX Manley Generating, LLC (TMG); TDX Adak Generating, LLC (TAG); and TDX Sand Point Generating, LLC (SPG) have filed tariff revisions requesting interim and refundable rate increases effective November 1, 2017.  To review each tariff filing and proposed rate increases, please visit the following links:  

TNSG:  TA187-227

TMG:   TA161-72

TAG:   TA50-684

SPG:   TA251-230

To comment on the filing(s), please file your comments by 5:00 p.m., October 2, 2017, through this link: View Public Notices and Submit Comments.

Date Issued: 9/5/2017