Comment Period for TA87-118 and TA81-290 Golden Heart Utilities (GHU).

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has issued a notice that GHU filed tariff revisions for its water (TA87-118) and wastewater (TA81-290) utilities, proposing to add provisions to its tariff setting out that the costs and actual attorney fees incurred for pursuing collection of delinquent amounts will be included in the amount due and payable by the customer.  

To view the Notice of Tariff Filing sheet, click here.

To view GHU's tariff filing in TA87-118, click here.

To view GHU's tariff filing in TA81-290, click here

To comment on these filings, please file your comments by 5:00 p.m.. July 31, 2017, through this link here.

Date Issued: 7/10/2017