Public Comment Period Open on Alaska Communications Acquisition. 

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has issued a public notice that ATN International, Inc. (ATN), acting through its indirect majority-owned subsidiary, Project 8 Buyer, LLC (Project 8), and Alaska Communications Systems Group Inc. (ACS Group) (collectively, Applicants) filed an application for ATN to acquire an indirect controlling interest in ACS Group and its certificated telecommunications subsidiaries: ACS of Alaska, LLC (ACS-AK), ACS of Anchorage, LLC (ACS-AN), ACS of Fairbanks, LLC (ACS-F), ACS of the Northland, LLC (ACS-N), Alaska Fiber Star, LLC (AFS) and ACS Long Distance, LLC (ACS-LD).  Docket U-21-003 was opened to address this matter.

The Applicants state that the proposed transfer of controlling interest will have no effect on existing services, management, or operations of the ACS Group and its certificated telecommunications subsidiaries, and does not include the transfer or consolidation  of  any of the facilities, plant, or equipment used to provide service to customers.  Further, they state that the leadership team, brand, operations, and products and services for ACS Group and its certificated subsidiaries will not change as a result of the transaction.

To review the Applicants' filings, click on the "Documents" tab in Docket U-21-003.

To comment on the filings, click on View Public Notices and Submit Comments.  Comments must be filed by 5 p.m. February 12, 2021.

Date Issued: 1/25/2021