RCA Issues Inquiry on Alaska's Broadband Coverage.

The Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) issued Order I-17-004(1) requesting broadband service providers, entities that own or control networks capable of carrying broadband traffic, and any interested persons to file information by September 8, 2017, regarding current and planned broadband service in Alaska. 

As part of the House Bill 57 that established the state government budget for fiscal year 2018, the legislature instructed the RCA to file a report by December 1, 2017.  The RCA will file an analysis of Alaska's current broadband coverage and providers' planned coverage expansions, and a description of the remaining gaps in statewide broadband infrastructure and financing.  Information on telecom facilities capable of carrying broadband traffic is required in order to complete the report.  At the public meeting held July 26, the RCA decided to open an informational proceeding so all stakeholders and interested persons may participate in the process to collect information necessary for the RCA to provide a report to the legislature.

For more information, see Order I-17-004(1).

Comments may be submitted under Docket I-17-004 through this link: View Public Notices and Submit Comments.

Date Issued: 8/14/2017