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9/26/2014 - 9/26/2014
U-14-081(...) Hearing
Status: Final
9:30 AM Details

Public Meetings

9/10/2014 - 9/10/2014
Public Meeting
9:00 AM Details
9/24/2014 - 9/24/2014
Public Meeting
9:00 AM Details

Tariff Action Meetings

9/4/2014 - 9/4/2014
Tariff Action Meeting
1:30 PM Details
9/18/2014 - 9/18/2014
Tariff Action Meeting
1:30 PM Details
10/2/2014 - 10/2/2014
Tariff Action Meeting
1:30 PM Details


No Workshops scheduled
for this month


Headline Archives

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8/28/2014: The Regulatory Commission of Alaska will be closed on Monday, September 1, 2014, in observance of More...

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8/19/2014: Public Notice TA86-249, TA30-629 UUI, KUC: Promotional Offerings - Notice Of Utility Tariff Fi More...

8/19/2014: Public Notice TA261-4 Enstar: Gas Cost Adjustment Methodology Revision - Notice of Utility Ta More...

8/19/2014: Public Notice TA260-4 Enstar: 2014 Q4 Gas Cost Adjustment - Notice of Utility Tariff Filing More...

8/19/2014: Alaska Waste Files Requests for Rate Increases: Alaska Waste Interior (AWI), Alaska Waste - Kenai More...

8/15/2014: Public Notice U-14-081, U-14-099 GVEA: Petitions for confidential treatment of pricing terms - More...

8/15/2014: Public Notice TA365-32 HEA: Cost of Power Adjustment new cost element - Notice of Utility Tar More...

8/11/2014: Public Notice U-14-101 GCICI: Transfer CPCN No. 378 from Supervision to GCICI - Notice of Utili More...

8/7/2014: Public Notice U-14-100: Application to transfer controlling interest of YTC to UUI - NOTICE OF More...

8/6/2014: Public Notice TA391-8 Chugach: Amendment to Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement with Hilcorp - N More...

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