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The RCA holds consumer input hearings whenever substantial public interest is at stake. The RCA’s Consumer Protection & Information Section offers the following advice for ratepayers who would like to speak at a consumer input hearing:

PLEASE PARTICIPATE. This is your opportunity to make the Commission and the Utility aware of any concerns that you may have regarding the Utility’s service and its request for a rate increase.

COME EARLY. If you can come early, you can speak first. If possible, try to arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes ahead of the scheduled starting time. This will allow you to hear the introductions and instructions offered by the Administrative Law Judge at the beginning of the hearing.

SIGN UP IF YOU WANT TO COMMENT. Witnesses are usually called to comment or testify in the order they have signed in. When you testify, you should give your full name and spell your last name.

SPEAKING IN PUBLIC MAKE YOU NERVOUS?  Don’t worry.  What is important is that commissioners hear what you have to say. If you are nervous about speaking in public, you may want to write out your statement and then read it at the hearing.  You may be asked by the Judge or the utility representative to clarify if your statement is unclear or requires further elaboration.  It is the judge’s responsibility to assure questions are fair and that you do not feel intimidated in any way.

ADD YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE. As a customer of the utility, you have unique information, and your input is important to the Commission. When you testify, give specific examples to support the issues that you are addressing. If other customers already have testified about the same issue, you may still mention it since it shows that the issue is not an isolated incident. If there are many speakers, the Judge may set a time limit for each witness.

SPEAK SLOWLY AND CLEARLY. Your testimony is important and you want to make sure that it is understood.

WRITTEN STATEMENTS. If you have a written statement or other papers that you want to give to the Judge as evidence, please try to bring extra copies with you. One copy goes to the Judge, and one to the court reporter. You should also bring copies to give to the active parties in the proceeding.

QUESTIONS. Sometimes one of the parties in the case may want to ask you a question about your testimony. Listen carefully to the question and answer it to the best of your ability. It is okay if you do not know the answer.

If you need information about a case or about the procedures for testifying, please feel free to contact the consumer protection staff at (907) 276-6222 or (800) 390-2782 (outside Anchorage). 

To view current notices for public comment, please the following links:

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Last Updated 04/15/2024

Date Issued: 11/29/2007