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On July 18, 2019, the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (Commission) adopted telecommunications relay service (TRS) regulations in Docket R-19-001.  These regulations:
(i)      implement the amendments to AS 42.05.296;
(ii)     expand the assessment of the TRS surcharge to additional telecommunications services, including wireless telecommunications service;
(iii)    exempt intrastate interexchange carriers from assessment of the TRS surcharge;
(iv)    expand the type of telecommunication devices made available to consumers that participate in the TRS program;
(v)     adopt a unified TRS surcharge rate structure based on voice lines; and
(vi)    correct an error related to the daily interest rate the TRS provider may recover in the event of a revenue requirement underrecovery.

A copy of the adopted regulations may be viewed here or at the Commission’s office or at the Commission’s website at by typing Docket “R-19-001” in the Find a Matter search box.  These regulations are not effective until 30 days after they are filed with the Lt. Governor.

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Last Updated: 7/19/2019

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