Broadband Internet Grant

Grant Program Status: Closed

The goal of the Rural Alaska Broadband Internet Access Grant Program is to facilitate long-term affordable broadband Internet services in rural Alaska communities where these services do not currently exist. To accomplish this goal, the program provides up to 75% of the funding companies require to expand Internet service to communities without it and to keep rates comparable to those in Anchorage, Fairbanks, and Juneau for at least 2 years.

The Internet Connectivity Spreadsheet (updated 1/12/2007) provides Internet connectivity levels and Internet service rates throughout Alaska. Information was gathered from Department of Commerce, Community & Economic Development’s (DCCED) community profile website, Internet Service Provider (ISP) websites, and information provided by ISPs and throughout the State of Alaska.  Further, the Internet Connectivity Spreadsheet is based on the technical specification for broadband Internet service of at least 200Kbps downstream (from the network to the end user) and 64Kbps upstream (from the end user to the network).  The broadband standard has been changed to 768Kbps downstream and 200Kbps upstream.  Parties with updated or corrected information on Internet service should email their comments to Rich Gazaway ( and Jess Manaois (

Note:   Community designations are based on Alaskan communities identified by DCCED. Rate information is based on rates for month-to-month stand-alone Internet service, and does not include any Internet rate discounts available for (1) committing to a proscribed of service or (2) purchasing Internet service in conjunction with another service offering. Rates for broadband service are based on grant program guidelines for broadband service; an asymmetrical transmission speed standard of 256Kpbs/64Kbps.

Press Releases

Frequently Asked Questions (updated 1/13/2011)


Grant Awards

GCI Communications, Corp. and Unicom, Inc.
Communities: Unalakleet
Monthly Recurring Charge
$ 54.99
Installation Charge

Yukon Telephone Company and BBN, Inc.
Communities: Ruby and Tanana
Monthly Recurring Charge
Installation Charge

Press Releases
09/27/2011: RCA Awards Federal Grants for Internet Access in Rural Alaska

12/10/2010: RCA Extends Filing Deadline for Round 5 Grant Applications

             11/15/2010: RCA Releases Round 5 Grant Application Guide


Press Releases
       10/29/2008: RCA Extends Filing Deadline for Round 4 Grant Applications

       09/19/2008: RCA Releases Round 4 Grant Application Guide


Additional Information
04/18/2008:  Alascom, Inc., d/b/a AT&T Alascom has notified the Regulatory Commission of Alaska that it is providing broadband Internet access to Shemya Station.

Press Releases
04/10/2008: RCA Releases Round 3 Grant Application Guide


Grant Awards
Listed below are the potential grant recipients. Contracts for Round 2 grantees have not been executed.

Alascom, Inc., d/b/a AT&T Alascom
Communities: Edna Bay, Naukati Bay, Port Alexander, Port Protection, Tenakee Springs
Up to 256Kbps
Up to 512Kbps
Up to 768Kbps
Monthly Recurring Charge
Installation Charge

Yukon Telephone Company
Communities: Manley Hot Springs
2Mbps/512Kbps (downstream/upstream)
Monthly Recurring Charge
Installation Charge
$75.00 (Free during Maintenance Phase)

Press Releases
12/12/2006: DCCED Awards Grants
05/19/2006: RCA Extends Deadline for Applications
05/01/2006: RCA Releases Round 2 Grant Application Guide
08/10/2006: RCA Seeks Comment


Application Guide

08/28/03: The following submission deadlines have changed:
Grant Application Guide Available
Grant Applications (Proposals) Deadline
Grant Applications Reviewed and Evaluated
Grant Applicants Notified
Ten Day Appeal Period Ends
Drafting Grant Agreements

Updated Community Information:
01/01/2005: Updated Community Eligibility Information
09/08/03: The list of eligible communities are based on data accumulated from the 2000 Denali Commission Telecommunications Study list and from the 2000 Census information, and may be eligible pending determination by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Community Facilities Grant.

The community list may not be up-to-date. If a community is believed to be eligible and is not identified on the Eligible Community, the applicant must provide substantive evidence that the community is eligible. If a community listed below has either local dial-up OR broadband services, the community is not eligible under this program.
07/28/2003: Pre-defined list of Approved Communities as of April 29, 2003

Grant Awards

GCI Communications Corp.
Communities: Allakaket, Crooked Creek, Dot Lake, Grayling, Holy Cross, Mentasta Lake, Red Devil, Shageluk, Sleetmute, Stony River, Tetlin
Up to 256/64Kbps Single Use
Up to 256/64Kbps Shared Use
Monthly Recurring Charge
Installation Charge
Equipment Charge
* Equipment charges are covered by the grant funds during the Start Up and Maintenance Phases

United Utilities
Communities: Anaktuvuk Pass, Chefornak, Eek, Kipnuk, Kongiganak, Kwigillingok, Lower Kalskag, Newtok, Nightmute, Tuntutuliak, Tununak, Upper Kalskag
256Kbps/64Kbps (downstream/upstream)
Monthly Recurring Charge
Installation Charge

Yukon Telephone Company
Communities: Tyonek
1.544Mbps/512Kbps (downstream/upstream)
Monthly Recurring Charge
Installation Charge
$40.00 (During Maintenance Phase)

Press Releases
12/02/2004:     Notice of Request for Additional Grant Funding by United Utilities (see additional information below)
05/05/2004:     DCCED Awards Federal Grants to Internet Access to Rural Alaska
10/07/2003:     Federal Government Authorizes Second $7.5 Million Grant for Rural Internet Access in Alaska
08/11/2003:     RCA Releases Grant Application Guide for Rural Alaska Broadband Internet Access Program
08/08/2002:     State Receives $7.5 Million for Rural Internet Access

United Utilities, Inc. Request for Additional Grant Funding
7/22/2005:       RCA Decision - UUI Request to Amend the Grant Agreement
5/12/2005:       Octagon Co, Inc. - Redacted Report
03/30/2005:     HMS, Inc - Redacted Report
09/28/2004:     Request for Additional Grant Funding - Redacted
03/09/2004:     UUI Amendment to Initial Grant Proposal - Redacted
01/22/2004:     Award Letter and Request to Amend Training Proposal
11/03/2003:  UUI Initial Grant Proposal (on file at the RCA; a redacted version is available for public inspection)

Public Comments in Favor of Additional Funding
02/02/2005:     United States Senator Ted Stevens
12/23/2004:     Mike Williams/Myron Naneng, Sr., The Association of Village Council Presidents
12/20/2004:     Matthew Nicolai, Calista Corporation
12/17/2004:     Marc D. Stemp, Bethel Native Corporation
12/17/2004:     Bob Robertson, Lower Yukon School District
12/13/2004:     Senator Lyman F. Hoffman - Alaska State Legislature
11/10/2004*:   Martin Leonard III, National Science Foundation
11/09/2004*:   Joseph Seibert, Bethel Broadcasting, Inc. (KYUK)
11/05/2004*:   Peter Atchak, Bethel Search and Rescue
11/04/2004*:   Joli Morgan, University of Alaska Fairbanks (Kuskokwim Campus)
10/27/2004*:   Greg Moore, Alaska Telecommunications Users Consortium
10/25/2004*:   Gene Peltola, Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation
no date:Carlton Kuhns, Yuut ElitnaurViat , Peoples Learning Center

In addition, over 100 preprinted postcards were received from potential end users supporting UUI's request for additional funding.

*Comments filed before UUI's Notice was issued

Public Comments Opposing Additional Funding
02/24/2005:     AT&T Alascom
12/23/2004:     ASTAC, Inc.
12/23/2004:     Village Telecom Management Services, LLC
12/21/2004:     GCI Corporation
01/04/2005:     United Utilities, Inc. Response to Opposing Comments

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